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Through sending Singapore volunteers and welcoming Laotian students, we have been working with our partners in Laos since 1997 on various projects.

One such project is the training of paediatric and obstetric surgeons, doctors and nurses.

Led by Dr Ng Kee Chong, head of Children's Emergency at Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the volunteer team of doctors and nurses has been making regular trips to Vientiane and working with Laotian medical staff to lower the city’s infant and maternal mortality rate.

We’ve also worked with Ang Poh Wah, our Outstanding Singapore International Volunteer 2012 Special Commendation Award recipient, who helped to equip more than 25 drug rehabilitation workers with the skills and knowledge to improve their rehabilitation service. In turn, they will help to reduce relapse rates of drug abusers in the country.

Laos is also the site of a library that stands as testimony to the power of friendship and cross-community collaboration.

Approached to help the Siphouttabat Buddhist Temple School in Luang Phrabang, Sitthimet Solthong decided to share the opportunity at a gathering in Bangkok with fellow alumni of the SIF-Asean Student Fellowship programme.

The Lao and Thai fellows all got behind the project, which we were happy to support. The result was not just a library that caters to novice monks who are mostly poor children, but a deepening of friendships and a peek into what’s possible when friends – wherever they’re from – work together towards a common cause.

If you’d like to learn more about our work in Laos or get involved, please email us at