The Art of Tact
Ambassador-at-Large Ong Keng Yong on bringing different communities together.
The Peacemaker
Dr Wee Teck Young works with young Afghans to build peace in Afghanistan.
The Butterfly Effect
Ting Siew Lee hopes to create a brighter future for Timor Leste'e youth through eduction.
Brewing Goodness
Michael Ong offers comfort and help to troubled Vietnamese youth.
Tribal Hero
Eugene Wee helps uplift the lives of an ethnic minority group in Thailand.
Musical Bonds
The Singapore edition of "Play Me, I'm Yours" fosters community spirit and draws attention to social causes.
Chairs for Charity
CHAIRITY raises funds for cancer patients through partnerships with artists in Asia.
Unseen Connections
Artists from Singapore and Malayisa use art to help the blind in Malaysia gain greater self-confidence.
Art for All
Representatives from Singapore and the United Kingdom share how they foster social inclusion for the disabled through the arts.
Art in Action
Artists from Singapore and China exchange ideas on using arts and culture to promote sustainable urban living.
The Magic of Connections
SIF commemorates its silver jubilee.

Micro-businesses with Big Aspirations
Social enterprise Wobe helps women in Indonesia start micro-businesses.

Purpose Beyond Profit
SIF's Young Social Entrepreneurs programme helps young people grow their ideas for positive social change.

Hope for a Better Life
Operation Hope Foundation reaches out to the underprivileged in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.

Exporting Enterprise
Non-profit organisation Choson Exchange supports entrepreneurship in North Korea.

Raising the Bar
Singaporean and Thai law students partner to grow pro bono culture.

Open Doors. Open Minds
OH! Open House leverages art to reveal a different side to Singapore.

Safe and Sound
Start-up SoundEye's monitoring device helps care for the elderly who live alone.

Leave No One Behind
National Council of Social Service vice-president Anita Fam on enhancing social inclusiveness for the disabled.

The Power of Stories
Our Better World inspires action through digital storytelling.

Art that Binds
British artist and diversity advocate Jo Verrent on ways to create a more inclusive society.

Little Red Dot Packs a Punch
Soft power specialist Jonathan McClory on how Singapore can drive positive change.

Remembering the Late Former President SR Nathan

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