Ideas for a Better World: The Business of Doing Good

One is in the business of doing good, while another is under pressure to do good. Faced with a world grappling with increasingly complex social, economical and environmental concerns, both the social sector and the corporate world must recognise that it's no longer enough to just do good, but to do it well.

Can adopting business principles help the social sector up its game? Should corporates move beyond their corporate social responsibility programmes to make an impact while staying in business?

The Singapore International Foundation has gathered a panel of experts to give their take on how non-profits, charities and social enterprises alike can grow scale and ensure accountability, and leverage strategic partnerships through the adoption of business principles. 

They will also be discussing instances where corporations have successfully adopted more holistic and integral approaches, as well as explore what policies could be in place to foster an environment for the professionalising of the social sector while incentivising a corporate culture of minding the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet. 

The forum also marks the culmination of SIF's 2012 Young Social Entrepreneurship programme, which saw youths from the age of 19 to 27 go through a six-month programme to fulfill their aspirations to be trailblazing social entrepreneurs. Up to three projects will be awarded seed funding to transform their social enterprise ideas into reality; the prize presentation will follow after the forum.