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Bridging Eastern and Western sounds in a contemporary blend, The TENG Ensemble revisits music of the past and reimagines them in the present. Born and raised in Singapore, the ensemble’s musicians find their identities in a medley of borrowed cultures, a heterogeneous heritage, and an indefinite understanding of being Asian.

TENG@GEORGE TOWN is supported under SIF's Singapore Internationale programme. To learn more about the programme, click here.

Time:20:30 - 21:30
Date:18 Aug 2017 - 19 Aug 2017
Venue:The Star Pitt Street, Penang, Malaysia
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13 October 2017
Strengthening Meaningful Connections between the US and ASEAN

How should ASEAN’s strategy evolve to build capacity at the people-to-people level? What kind of initiatives can deepen integration and cultivate shared values among US and ASEAN communities? Thought leaders from the US and Singapore...

4 October 2017
Singapore and Cambodia Collaborate to Bring Clean Water To Over 70,000 Cambodians

Four-year project in Siem Reap builds on success of previous Water for Life projects, augments Cambodian government’s goals and global efforts to provide universal access to safe drinking water.

8 September 2017
Singapore Insights: Social Innovation and Enterprise

How is Singapore moving towards a more inclusive society? 28 Siyuan scholars and their teachers visiting from Fudan University, Shanghai participated in the Singapore Insights: Social Innovation and Enterprise programme to find out more.

20 August 2017
ECE Mumbai Launch

On 19th July 2017, the Singapore International Foundation launched a three-year partnership with Mumbai-based Muktangan, a programme of The Paragon Charitable Trust, to increase the quality of early childhood education in Mumbai. The Early...

4 September 2017
Friends for a Better World

Through the lens of National Geographic, find out how our Citizen Ambassadors help to build a Better World.

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