A Golden Jubilee Celebration of Friendships (30 December 2015)
SIF’s special SG50 edition of SIF Connects! Singapore saw programme alumni and Friends of Singapore (FOS) from 20 nationalities gather in Singapore to reconnect with the Singapore community, while sharing their insights and advice on what’s next for Singapore in the years ahead.

Technological Connections for Good (29 December 2015)
We brought together a diverse panel of policy-makers, practitioners and social entrepreneurs to exchange ideas about how technology can be leveraged for social change and to connect Singapore and regional communities for a better world.

The Power of Friendship to Build A Better World (03 November 2015)

A cross-cultural learning journey (29 September 2015)
Fifteen Young Social Entrepreneur (YSE) teams embark on an eight-month experiential learning programme.

Making Friends Through Storytelling (26 August 2015)
Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs) celebrated International Day of Friendship by gaining insights into the art of connecting with others through the power of storytelling.

Water for Life, Friends for Life (21 August 2015)

Indonesian Insights on ‘What’s next, Singapore?’ (03 July 2015)
150 Indonesian Friends of Singapore (FOS) came together at the inaugural SIF Connects! Bandung to share their perspectives on “What’s Next for Singapore?”, kicking off a series of international dialogues organised by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), as part of...

Singapore and China Organisations Join Hands to Enhance Healthcare Services for The Aging Population in Yunnan (02 June 2015)
SIF inked a three-year partnership to establish a platform for healthcare professionals in Singapore and China to join hands in exchanging knowledge, skills and resources to address this shared social challenge.

Early Childhood Education for a Brighter Future (31 March 2015)
The culmination of a decade of collaboration between Singapore and Myanmar educators & experts - a resource book containing insights and knowledge exchanged over the years in early childhood education - was launched on 25 March 2015.

Connecting Young Global Changemakers for a Better World (31 March 2015)
SIF’S Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme grows in global participation, partners and impact, making a difference in the region and beyond

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