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19 September 2013
Of Ketupat, Town Crying and Scones
Students from the Little Arts Academy and members of the British Commission learnt about one another’s cultures in an afternoon of fun activities.
3 September 2013
Loving Kindness in Bangalore
SIF in-field volunteer teacher Joe Lim has his eyes opened during his time at Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore, India, mentoring disadvantaged children with behavioural issues or learning...
22 August 2013
12 Oct - YSE Pitching for Change Reception
The programme nurtures a network of social entrepreneurs, where the power of ideas, know-how and resources can be harnessed to enrich lives and effect positive change for a better world.
21 August 2013
Just Like Family
She was there to share copywriting skills with the Agape School of the Deaf in Timor Leste but SIV Student Fellow Fu Kai Li had the privilege of getting up close with Prime Minister Xanana...
13 August 2013
Two Cooks and a Pan
Two buddies face off in a cooking competition, vying for patrons’ donations to their adopted charities.
13 August 2013
Racing for a Cause
This year’s Singapore Challenge incorporated racing for a good cause, making the annual full-day event even more meaningful for its near 1,000 student participants.
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