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14 June 2012
Keeping the Fires Burning
Social worker Julie Jeyapaul talks about how she got a morale boost when she met a group of volunteers from Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
11 May 2012
What is Singapore?
Singapore Insights from the Inside is a compilation of reflective pieces, short stories and personal anecdotes by members of the international community who have lived, and are living, in...
4 May 2012
Volunteers Acting Up
Becoming part of a play and shaping the storyline, helps participants get a different view of volunteering.
3 May 2012
Dishing up Culture and Art
From basketball moves to traditional dress-making and cooking, our international friends and youths from an arts academy take a peek into each others’ lives.
20 April 2012
‘We’ve Got to Keep Ourselves Crazy’
How a Cambodian was inspired into positive action after attending an SIF-Asean Students Fellowship in 2002.
19 April 2012
The Power of Two-in-One
Justine Lee, co-founder of social enterprise Soule Apparels, shares his childhood inspiration for its “buy one, give one” idea.
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