Volunteer Cooperation
Volunteer Cooperation

Words on Wheels

By improving access to books as well as English language and Information Technology (IT) training, the Words on Wheels mobile library opens a new window to the world for children.

An SIF signature programme with both direct service and specialist components, Words on Wheels aims to promote learning among children and youth in overseas communities by creating convenient access to books and the Internet. The mobile library also serves as a platform for specialist volunteers to share library management and IT skills with their overseas counterparts. 

Since its inauguration in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2011, Words on Wheels has expanded to Bandung, Indonesia; Jaffna, Sri Lanka and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with our volunteers making more than 630 trips. 

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“I had been looking to do some volunteer work, but didn’t feel I could build houses and schools, or render any medical assistance. Helping children to learn through ice-breakers and show-and-tell sessions, however, was something I felt I could handle.”

Gladys Ng, Singapore International Volunteer, Words on Wheels, Hanoi, Vietnam

“After retirement, my wife and I wanted to give back to society. We had struggled all our lives to achieve success and we wanted to do something meaningful, so we began volunteering in communities in Southeast Asia. The experience has made us more appreciative of what we have here in Singapore.”

Tom Wong, Specialist Singapore International Volunteer, Words on Wheels

“In this project, the cooperation between General Sciences Library officers and people from SIF go on smoothly; they have been working closely together. In the study tour in Singapore, we had the opportunity to see modern libraries and services. It is very helpful, we have a lot of ideas to improve our library space and to apply information technology in our activities to serve the students in Ho Chi Minh city.” 

Vĩnh Quốc Bảo
Vice-Director, General Sciences Library, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  





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