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Arts and Healing-Causeway EXchange

7 to 13 September 2016 | Singapore

The Arts and Healing projects included ‘Tales of a Swordfish’, a series of multi-disciplinary workshops culminating in a production, Healing through Arts’- a art therapy panel discussion and drum circle session and ‘Doctors With A Cause’- a musical and comedy performance put together by multi-talented doctors.

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and DMR Productions, The Rice Company and Global Cultural Alliance (GCA) collaborated to bring Singaporean and Malaysian artists together for good.  Through our Arts and Healing projects under Causeway EXchange 2016, we harness the transformative powers of arts and culture to promote awareness and explore how the arts can do good within the community.

The Singapore International Foundation was the main partner for the inaugural series of ‘Arts and Healing’ projects under Causeway Exchange. This series of ‘Arts and Healing’ projects explored how the arts can be used to do good, specifically in the arts and the power to heal. The projects included:

  • Tales of the Swordfish: a series of multi-disciplinary art workshops conducted by Malaysian group Main Wayang, which resulted in a public performance by the children from Little Arts Academy.
  • Healing Through Arts: a panel discussion by arts therapists from Singapore and Malaysia and a drum circle session with patients from Sengkang Health by Malaysian musicians At Adau.
  • Doctors with A Cause: a musical and comedy performance by doctors from Singapore and Malaysian comedian Dr Jason Leong.

These projects are part of SIF’s Arts for Good initiative, which seeks to promote awareness of social issues, share best practices and enable action for positive social impact through the arts. 

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Arts for Good

The SIF’s Arts for Good initiative seeks to contribute to positive social change through collaborations between Singaporean artists and their international counterparts, as well as galvanise greater community involvement in sustainable change.



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9 March 2016
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