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CausewayEXchange - Arts and Healing

22 - 24 September 2017 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Concert in the Dark was organised in collaboration with Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia, with the support of Malaysian and Singaporean musicians and comedians coming together to lend their support for the programme.

Professionals in the arts, medical and social sectors from Singapore and Malaysia came together to explore the role of the arts in the field of therapy and medicine through this year’s Arts and Healing programme under the CausewayEXchange platform in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Concert in the Dark on 22 Sep 2017: a performance by musicians and comedians from Singapore and Malaysia in absolute darkness for audiences to gain insights into the world of those with visual impairment.
  • Healing through Arts on 23 Sep 2017: a forum on arts, therapy and healing, music performance and workshops with art therapists from Singapore and Malaysia.
  • How Singapore Got Its Name on 23 and 24 Sep 2017: a workshop followed by a sensory-friendly performance that narrates the founding of Singapore.

The Singapore International Foundation once again supported this series of projects to harness the arts and culture for positive social change within our communities as a main partner, together with the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. This edition was co-organised by DMR Productions and Global Cultural Alliance, with support from the National Arts Council of Singapore.

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Arts for Good

The SIF’s Arts for Good initiative seeks to contribute to positive social change through collaborations between Singaporean artists and their international counterparts, as well as galvanise greater community involvement in sustainable change.


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