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Cultural Exchange

Singapore Internationale

The Singapore Internationale supports showcases of Singapore’s culture and innovation through the arts, as well as arts-based initiatives for social good.

They have connected with world communities in over 50 countries around the world!

They are our Citizen Ambassadors.

They are the recipients of our Singapore Internationale grant.

We have enabled more than 270 artists, arts groups, cultural leaders, and multi-sectorial partners to showcase Singapore’s culture and innovation through the arts for close to 20 years. 

From solo presentations, internationally renowned platforms, to working with international collaborators on arts-based projects that promote positive social change, we are proud to have partnered these citizen ambassadors in more than 800 projects to connect communities, and strengthen intercultural understanding and appreciation.

If you have an interesting idea for an arts-based project within Singapore or internationally, be it an individual or collective action, feel free to write to us at

When Singaporean artists interact and collaborate with their international counterparts, they share a facet of Singapore culture and, in turn, draw inspiration from others. Their work reflects the result of arts and culture as an interactive platform for the global community and the enduring relationships across cultures. Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, former Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Environment and Water Resources, and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, from her foreword in DiverseCity 2014 publication


People and partnerships are central to us. DiverseCity celebrates these enduring relationships. We have, year on year, supported diverse and talented artists and arts groups since 2000, to share insights into Singapore’s values and ways of life through their work to foster greater understanding and engagement between Singapore and the global community.

Some of the works supported under Singapore Internationale are captured in our DiverseCity publications, which is produced on a biennial basis. Check them out!



14 July 2017
Celebrating an Inclusive World through the Arts

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is honoured to have received the Patron of the Arts Award 2017 for the sixth consecutive year. We share this achievement with our partners, donors, Citizen Ambassadors and international friends who...

1 June 2017
Shaping Perspectives and Enabling Opportunities for an Inclusive Society

The National Arts Council (NAC), British Council Singapore (BC) and Singapore International Foundation (SIF) partner for the second time to co-organise the Arts & Disability Forum 2017, a two-day forum which aims to raise awareness of the...

28 December 2017
Minister Yaacob Ibrahim’s Visit to Water for Life Project in Siem Reap

Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim visited the Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Water for Life project in the Prasat Bakong district in Siem Reap on 30 November 2017. His visit, to see...

4 September 2017
Friends for a Better World

Through the lens of National Geographic, find out how our Citizen Ambassadors help to build a Better World.

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