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18 April 2018
Arts & Disability International Conference 2018

  Discussions and awareness on how arts and culture can be harnessed to build an inclusive society were generated during the Arts & Disability International Conference and the True...

17 April 2018
A Journey into the Heart and Soul of Singapore

Travel websites often cite Singapore’s lush greenery and shopping district as reasons which make the Lion City stand out. While true, many Singaporeans would also argue that their home is...

28 December 2017
Minister Yaacob Ibrahim’s Visit to Water for Life Project in Siem Reap

Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim visited the Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Water for Life project in the Prasat Bakong district in...

28 December 2017
Maths & Science Curriculum Enhancement Project

The Mathematics & Science Curriculum Enhancement project was launched on 9 Dec 2017 in partnership with Bangalore-based Parikrma Humanity Foundation. Over the next three years, 175 school...

20 December 2017
YSE 2017 Pitching for Change

After eight months of workshops, mentoring sessions and an overseas study visit to India, our Young Social Entrepreneurs presented their social business ideas at Pitching for Change 2017.

19 December 2017
Photo Exhibition: Picture a Better World

In June 2017, we invited our Citizen Ambassadors (CA) to share with us their favourite photos taken during their participation in SIF’s programmes, as part of a photo contest Picture a...

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