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19 December 2012
Metro for Children charity’s fundraising campaign

The Metro for Children charity’s fundraising campaign for our Water for Life (Lamongan) project is in full swing! Visit all Metro stores and receive an adorable plush toy or pen for every...

10 December 2012
DiverseCity 2012

DiverseCity celebrates the breadth and global reach of Singapore art, and the collaborations and friendships between local and global artists. This multidisciplinary showcase is the culmination of...

28 November 2012
Singapore-China Young Business Ambassadors programme

After spending 10 weeks in one another's cities, our 12 Young Business Ambassadors (YBAs) have completed their journeys of working and living in a foreign city. We hope they have gained new...

15 November 2012
Singapore Insights: Renaissance City

Singapore seeks to be a key City in the Asian renaissance of the 21st century and a cultural centre in the globalised world. 35 participants, representing 15 nationalities, joined us at...

22 October 2012
Fourth Emergency Obstetrics and Paediatrics Training in Laos

Healthcare professionals from Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital are among a number of medical professionals who regularly volunteer for SIF projects to improve...

10 October 2012
SIV Appreciation Evening 2012

This year’s SIV Appreciation Evening took place on 14 September and celebrated old bonds and new friendships. We also honoured three SIVs who have shown exceptional leadership in the projects...

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