Singapore - Cambodia Collaboration In Emergency Medicine Has Trained Over 900 Healthcare Professionals To Benefit Over 23,000 Patients

The collaboration in Phnom Penh comes to a successful close with better care for patients, upskilled healthcare professionals, and improved systems and protocols in hospitals.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 29 March 2018 – With over 900 healthcare professionals trained across five healthcare institutions in Phnom Penh in just two years, the Emergency Care and Management Project came to a successful conclusion today. Healthcare professionals from both Singapore and Cambodia gathered for a closing ceremony to celebrate the collective impact and friendships fostered between communities through the project.

The two-year specialist Emergency Care and Management Project is a collaboration among the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh and SingHealth. Since 2016, healthcare professionals from Singapore have worked with their counterparts in Phnom Penh to train local healthcare professionals in five healthcare institutions – Calmette Hospital, Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, National Maternal & Child Health Centre, Preah Kossamak Hospital and University of Health Sciences – to enhance their capacity to provide quality and integrated emergency medical care services. A multi-disciplinary team of 37 healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals from SingHealth shared their expertise on emergency care for better management of time-sensitive emergency conditions.

Among the trained pool of healthcare practitioners, 20 Master Trainers were identified and received additional training on how to cascade their knowledge to their peers in the industry. Through pedagogy workshops, management training and professional sharing sessions, the participants had the chance to share their knowledge and experience with each other, with all parties gaining valuable insights and perspectives from the learning exchange.

Mr Jaryll Chan, SIF’s Director of Programmes said, “I am heartened that this collaboration between the Singapore and Cambodian medical communities has not only allowed us to reach out to and make a meaningful difference to the lives of our Cambodian friends, it also validates our efforts in bringing communities together for a better world. At the SIF, we believe in leveraging our strengths and learning from one another to enhance the effectiveness of our programmes that enrich lives and effect positive change.”

Prof Dr Chheang Ra, Director General, Calmette Hospital, said, “The partnership with the SIF for this capability-building programme has facilitated a good learning exchange between healthcare professionals from Singapore and Cambodia, and has led to good outcomes such as improved protocols and process in our hospital as well as the other four partner healthcare institutions. We hope that these benefits will continue to compound and bring about better health care services for the citizens of Cambodia.”

Associate Professor Chua Yeow Leng, Group Director, SingHealth International Collaborations Office, said, “SingHealth is privileged to partner Calmette Hospital to improve emergency care services in Phnom Penh. This collaboration has enabled us to raise the overall standards of emergency care in both communities and build a strong pipeline of medical teams who are competent, compassionate and patient-centred.”

Associate Professor Mark Leong, SIF Specialist Team Leader, and Senior Consultant, Department of Emergency Medicine, Singapore General Hospital, said, “The knowledge exchange between SingHealth and Calmette Hospital has been mutually beneficial and fruitful. I am confident that the insights gained through the sharing of expertise and ideas will help both organisations to improve emergency care for our communities.”

The Emergency Care and Management Project is yet another collaborative project in Cambodia in healthcare – one of the key focus areas of the SIF’s work. It also marks another milestone in the 16-year friendship between the SIF and Cambodia to uplift lives and build enduring friendships between our peoples.



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