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London, United Kingdom, 4 June 2014 – Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan and British artist Philippa Lawrence present Angles of Incidence - a collaborative public art installation borne out of fresh perspectives gained from their participation in the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and the British Council’s (BC) third Artist-in-Residence Exchange (SIF-BC AiRx) programme for promoting cross-cultural interaction and understanding – at London’s Inner Temple Gardens today. This reciprocal joint presentation follows the successful premiere of the work at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in January 2014.

First launched in 2011, the SIF-BC collaboration seeks to build and strengthen relationships between Singapore and United Kingdom (UK) communities through greater interaction and the sharing of insights and perspectives to promote understanding.

The SIF-BC AiRx programme is a residential and cultural immersion programme that provides Singaporean and British artists the opportunity to gain new insights, understanding and inspiration through the exchange of ideas and perspectives with foreign communities, while assuming the role of cultural ambassadors to promote awareness and to bridge communities. The programme culminates with SIF-BC AiRx participants collaborating on work(s) that reflect insights gained and their experiences on the residency programme. It is organised pursuant to the SIF-BC Memorandum of Understanding in 2011 which aims to bridge Singaporean and UK communities through the exchange of ideas and perspectives as well as through collaborations in the arts and thought leadership.

Chan and Lawrence’s Angles of Incidence makes use of reflective multi-faceted steel structures, some of which are patterned with crystal elements, to create a dynamic relationship between the installation and its environment as it interacts with the landscape. The choice of site locations arose from the artists’ decision to explore universal themes of heritage, memory and identity, all of which are deeply embodied in the two iconic gardens. The Inner Temple Gardens has been a central part of London’s history since the 12th century and the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore’s first nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provide befitting backdrops for the installation.

Angles of Incidence is truly a collaborative work based on heritage, memory and identity, between myself and Singaporean artist-architect, Randy Chan. It embodies the cultural exchange of ideas and shared philosophy between our two countries through art. This experience had been an intimate one – with the residency providing a platform to connect hearts and minds, and build bridges between Singaporean and British communities across cultures and borders,” says British artist Philippa Lawrence.

“It has been a privilege to be given the opportunity to be a part of this exchange between our two communities. Art can act as a conduit through which people from different communities can interact by providing a platform for them to find a common ground in spite of their differences. And it is amazing just how much we actually have in common with other communities,” says Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan.

“The garden at the Inner Temple, along the River Thames, has existed since medieval times and is one of our most cherished treasures. Angles of Incidence was well-received when it was launched in Singapore Botanical Gardens and we are delighted to be exhibiting this artwork at a location, further strengthening the connections between our two bustling cities,“ says Patrick Maddams, Sub Treasurer of The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.

SIF-BC AiRx 2013/2014 is organised with the support of a host of organisations including new supporters such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the National Parks Board, the Inner Temple Gardens, and Swarovski, and long-time supporters such as LASALLE College of the Arts, Royal College of Art, Hotel New Majestic and Town Hall Hotel since 2011.

The launch of Angles of Incidence is held in conjunction with SIF Connects! London to celebrate the growth of friendships between Singaporean and world communities. SIF Connects! is SIF’s platform to reconnect and deepen friendships with our Friends of Singapore (FOS) community through the sharing of insights and exchanges of perspectives. Since 2010, SIF Connects! events have been held in Bangalore, Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Phnom Penh, Melbourne, Manila, Mumbai, Shanghai and Washington DC. This is SIF’s fourth SIF Connects! engagement event in London.



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