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The Singapore International Foundation-British Council Artist-in-Residence Exchange programme (SIF-BC AiRx) is a collaboration between the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and the British Council (BC) to bridge communities between the two countries through the exchange of ideas and perspectives and collaborations in the arts and thought leadership.

It is a residential and cultural immersion programme by SIF and BC that provides Singaporean and British artists with the opportunity to gain new insights, understanding and inspiration through interacting and exchanging perspectives with foreign communities, while assuming the role of ambassadors to promote awareness and to bridge communities. The programme culminates with SIF-BC AiRx participants collaborating on work(s) that reflect insights gained and their experiences on the residency programme.


SIF-BC AiRx is organised pursuant to the SIF-BC Memorandum of Understanding in 2011 to bridge Singaporean and UK communities through the exchange of ideas and perspectives, and collaborations in the arts and thought leadership. For each exchange, two artists engage in a dialogue and create new collaborative works that reflect their experiences in their respective host country.


Since its launch in 2011, SIF-BC AiRx has brought together Singaporean and British visual artists Michael Lee and Bob Matthews (left photograph), and Genevieve Chua and Emma Critchley (right photograph) to reflect, research, collaborate, conduct public presentations and connect with the larger community in Singapore and the United Kingdom.          

The resulting exhibitions, Utopias and Disappearing Moon were presented in Singapore at the National Museum and Institute of Contemporary Art, and in London at Asia House. The SIF-BC AiRx programme has engaged over 4,000 from the creative communities and leaders in business, government, social and cultural sectors, as well as students. Dialogues with the public of varying scale were organised with the support of partners including Art Stage Singapore, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, LASALLE College of the Arts and Royal College of Art.

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SIF-BC AiRx 2013/2014

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