Singapore: Insights from the Inside is an opportunity for the international community who have visited, worked and studied in Singapore to share their unique perspectives on ‘What is Singapore’. The second volume of SIF’s publication will feature 50 stories by friends of Singapore representing 20 nationalities.

Ideas for a Better World Forum promotes the exchange of insights, perspectives and experiences between global thought leaders and the Singapore community, inspiring action to enrich lives and effect positive change for a better world.

Since 2010, we’ve featured luminaries such as Andy Ridley, co-founder of Earth Hour; acclaimed conservationist and United Nations Messenger of Peace Dr Jane Goodall; and Dr Mechai Viravaidya, a pioneer in the social entrepreneurship scene in Thailand.

The US Congressional Staff Members Visit Programme was established in 1992 to increase awareness about Singapore and the region. It is designed to provide visiting congressional staff members develop a better understanding of Singapore’s policies, perspectives and viewpoints, especially pertaining to US-Singapore relations.

The Republic of Korea Directors-General Visit Programme was established in 2008 as part of efforts to engage with a new generation of South Korean senior officials as well as showcase areas of synergy between Singapore and South Korea. It is designed to allow senior officials to acquaint with Singapore’s economic, foreign and security policies, and provide a better understanding of Singapore’s perspective on regional and global developments.

The Raffles Programme is aimed at promoting awareness, greater understanding and personal ties between Singapore and Japanese decision makers. It is part of the SIF’s efforts to foster exchange between Singaporeans and world communities.

Singapore Insights is a series of thematic study visits and conversations that bring Singapore’s international community to the heart of the city’s innovation, strategy and way of life, promoting collaborations between Singaporeans and world communities.

Visits: We believe in the importance of sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences, and are committed to enabling international collaborations to achieve social good. One way we do this is by bringing to Singapore global thought leaders and opinion makers to share their views with their counterparts and the public here. Since 1995, we have grown a suite of visit programmes that now comprises the Ashoka Fellows, Distinguished Visitors, Journalists, Raffles, Republic of Korea Directors-General, Temasek and US Congressional & US Congressional Staff Members.

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