The Singapore Internationale programme partners Singaporean artists as cultural ambassadors to connect and collaborate with world communities to promote awareness and understanding of Singapore through arts, culture and design.

In 2012, we worked with 92 cultural ambassadors to present 108 works in 91 cities in 34 countries around the world. They include Chinese Theatre Circle, Dennis Tan, Ho Tzu Nyen, Michael Lee, Ming Wong, Mintio, Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts, The Living Project!, TheatreWorks, Vertical Submarine and Zhao Renhui, among others.

We invite Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who work with various art forms – design, literary, multidisciplinary, performing and visual arts – to join us in bridging communities for a better world.

Application is now open for works presented after 15 December 2014. Please complete the application forms and submit before 24 October 2014 to or to the SIF office. The application guidelines can be downloaded here.

Application Period Project Period
4 August - 24 October 15 December onwards
1 December - 27 February 15 April 2015 onwards

The Post Project Report format can be downloaded here.