We believe in the importance of sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences, and are committed to enabling international collaborations to achieve social good.

One way we do this is by bringing to Singapore global thought leaders and opinion makers to share their views with their counterparts and the public here.

Since 1995, we have grown a suite of visit programmes that now comprises the Ashoka Fellows, Distinguished Visitors, Journalists, Raffles, Republic of Korea Directors-General, Temasek and US Congressional & US Congressional Staff Members.

In 2011, under our Distinguished Visitors Programme, we welcomed to Singapore acclaimed conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, who spoke to the Singapore public about the importance of looking after the planet.

The SIF has been facilitating Journalist Visit Programmes (JVP) from as far back as 2000, partnering with local government agencies, civic society and overseas organisations. We have hosted journalists from all over the world including the US, Europe and India. We also enjoy a longstanding partnership with the East West Center, collaborating on several key programmes including the Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowship tour and the Jefferson Fellowship tour.

The themes and focus of each JVP can differ, ranging from sustainability and urban solutions to arts & culture to an all-rounded showcase of Singapore’s key strengths and people. Our aim is to introduce to these journalists the heart and soul of Singapore and ultimately better their understanding of our country and its people. We share with them areas in which Singapore is a thought-leader, such as transport, waste and water management, public services, sustainability and urban solutions. Concurrently, we highlight softer aspects such as local culture, diversity, creativity and humanitarian work.

In 2012, we hosted journalists from the US and Asia Pacific region over the course of two JVPs held in partnership with the East West Centre. And as part of the East West Center Asia Pacific Journalism Fellowship, we hosted eight journalists from the US, ranging from publications such as the New York Times, Washington Times, CNN and Fox News. During the Jefferson Fellowship, 15 journalists from the US and a range of Asia Pacific countries were hosted by us, through an itinerary that highlighted the key strengths of Singapore in the areas of sustainability and urban solutions. In 2013, we welcomed seven journalists from Indonesia, representing publications such as the Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, CLEO, Reader’s Digest,, Jawa Pos and Antara.
By connecting members of the global community to those in Singapore and spurring meaningful conversations, we enable an exchange of ideas that can lead to greater understanding, stronger friendships and tangible social change.


Mr Jim Leach
Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities
United States of America
September 2012

Dr Mechai Viravaidya
Chairman, Mechai Viravaidya Foundation and Population and Development International
February 2012

Mr Andy Ridley
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Earth Hour
February 2012


Mr John Elkington
Founding Partner & Executive Chairman of Volans
United Kingdom
October 2011

Mr Thorkil Sonne
Founder of Specialisterne and the Specialist People Foundation
July 2011

Dr Jane Goodall
Founder of Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace
United Kingdom
25 – 30 June 2011

Dr Tanatat Puttasuwan
President and director of Population and Development International (PDI)
March 2011


Mr Sergey Karaganov
Dean, Faculty of the World Economy and Politics State University - Higher School of Economics
February 2010

Ambassador Kazuo Ogoura 
President, Japan Foundation
10 – 12 March 2010


Her Excellency Chou Bun Eng
Secretary of State, Ministry of Interior
Kingdom of Cambodia
4 – 8 May 2009

Mr James P. Leape
Director General, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
14 – 16 October 2009


Mr William Dobson
Managing Editor, Foreign Policy magazine
United States of America
16 – 18 April 2008

Mr Jean-Francois Copé
President, Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) at the National Assembly
27 – 28 April 2008 

Mr. Rodrigo de Rato y Figaredo
Senior Managing Director, Investment Banking, Lazard Ltd
And former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund 
22 – 26 June 2008

Ms Park Guen-Hye
Member, National Assembly
Grand National Party
South Korea
14 – 17 July 2008

Dr Jürgen Hambrecht 
Chairman, Board of Executive Directors, 
BASF – The Chemical Company
11 – 12 August 2008


Mr Daniel Tehan
Chief of Staff, Office of the Minister for Small Business and Tourism
24 – 26 January 2007

Sir Tim Lankester
President, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford
United Kingdom
19 – 23 March 2007 

Mr Peter Schwartz
Cofounder and Chairman, Global Business Network
United States of America
10 – 12 October 2007


Prof. Dr. Dr h.c mult. Wolfgang A. Herrmann
President, Technische Universität München 
29 – 31 August 2005

His Excellency Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering
Honorable Minister, Ministry of Labour & Human Resources
19 – 23 September 2005


Mr Yogendra Kumar Modi
President, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chairman, YKM Holdings
25 – 27 October 2004

Dasho Bap Kesang
Head, Royal Civil Service Commission
5 – 11 November 2004


Mr David Cunliffe
Labour Member of Parliament for Titirangi
New Zealand
1 – 5 February 2002


Mr Avinash Persaud
Managing Director and Global Head of Market Analysis & Research, State Street Bank
United Kingdom
10 – 14 December 2001


Ms Akiko Yamanaka
Visiting Professor, Tama University
26 – 30 September 2000


Mr Jean-Luc Domenach
Scientific Director, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques
2 – 5 September 1998

Mr Zhu Xiaohua
Chairman, China Everbright Group
11 – 14 October 1998


Mr Horst Teltschik
Head, Economic & Political Department, Board of Directors at BMW
9 – 13 April 1996


Mr V. Raghuraman
Secretary General, The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India
27 – 29 November 1995


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