Enhancing palliative care in Indonesia

The Young Business Ambassadors (YBA) Programme is a flagship SIF programme where outstanding young professionals immerse themselves in the all-round experience of working and living in partner countries such as China and Australia.

Besides the opportunity to work in a related industry, YBAs also visit relevant organisations and government agencies, and network with business leaders, community leaders and government officials. This overseas exposure offers a valuable opportunity to develop global perspectives, share work experience, build international business links, and gain an understanding of foreign business environments.

Since 2000, a total of 107 YBAs from more than 60 companies have participated in the YBA Programme in Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney. They form a diverse global network of business professionals who represent a multiplicity of industries and fields.

The Singapore-China YBA Programme, which began in 2004, is organised in partnership with Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.