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Arts & Disability Forum 2017

20 - 21 April 2017 | Singapore

(From left) Keynote speakers Ramesh Meyyappan and Myra Tam sharing takeaways from the discussions with Minister Grace Fu (far right).

“Inclusive arts is treating people as people, not labels. We are doing it not because we are kind, we are doing it because we need it,” said Dr Alice Fox, making a case for inclusive arts in her keynote at the Arts & Disability Forum 2017.

The Forum brought together over 200 participants from over 14 countries across the People, Private and Public sectors with speakers from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Singapore to raise awareness and build capacity for arts and culture to shape a more inclusive society.

Opening the Forum, the Guest of Honour, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, spoke on the importance of harnessing the transformative power of the arts to build an inclusive society.

Distinguished guests Dr Alice Fox (UK), Myra Tam (HK) and Ramesh Meyyappan (SG/UK) delivered the keynotes and dialogued with the Singaporean community. The Forum culminated with Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) comprising multi-sectorial organisations that facilitated discourse among participants, sharing their knowledge on the arts and disability landscape.

The second day of the Forum comprised of workshops on capacity building for inclusive artmaking and programming. Dr Alice Fox worked with participants on various methods of inclusive artmaking and Myra Tam demonstrated the tools and considerations in programming for diverse audiences.

The Arts & Disability Forum 2017 was held at the Enabling Village, an inclusive community space that houses several social businesses and community services.  It aims to build a more inclusive society, with a special focus on training and employment of persons with disabilities.

The Singapore International Foundation partnered the National Arts Council and British Council Singapore to organise the Forum for a second consecutive year.

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