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Arts & Disability Forum 2016

29 - 31 March 2016 | Singapore 

(Right) Ms Jo Verrent, senior producer of Unlimited, UK’s commissioning programme for disabled artists, in conversation with Dr Felicia Low on the social model of disability during her keynote session.

The SIF partnered with the National Arts Council of Singapore and the British Council in organising the Arts & Disability Forum 2016, the first of its kind in Asia.

Participants from over 20 countries such as Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, and the UK, gathered to exchange perspectives and know-hows on creating a more inclusive society for disabled persons through the arts.

As part of the Forum, SIF Governor Anita Fam (Appointed March 2010 - April 2016) also moderated a roundtable discussion that brought together members from the arts and disability sectors, a first time for many, to discuss how they might work together towards a common vision of an arts and disability sector that is well-equipped with structure and expertise support, as well as the embedding of the arts in the disability sector and vice-versa.

Distinguished guests Jo Verrent (UK) and Claire Cunningham (UK) delivered the keynotes and dialogue with the Singaporean community. Participants also heard from Singapore practitioners and partners including Quek Ling Kiong, Alecia Neo, Jean Qingwen Loo, Michael Cheng and Rainbow Centre.

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Arts for Good

The SIF’s Arts for Good initiative seeks to contribute to positive social change through collaborations between Singaporean artists and their international counterparts, as well as galvanise greater community involvement in sustainable change.


9 March 2016
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