Singapore International Volunteers

Built on the idea that shared skills and experiences can empower communities and uplift lives, our Singapore International Volunteers (SIV) programme has helped more than 2,000 volunteers positively impact the lives of thousands of beneficiaries abroad.

Together with our volunteers, we help bring sustainable positive change by building communities’ capacities in the areas of healthcare, education, the environment, as well as livelihood and business.

Whether you’re a specialist or a general volunteer, ready to invest in a community long term or keen to explore short term projects, we can match your expertise and enthusiasm with the right opportunities.

The partnership of individual volunteers and organisations is vital to our SIV programme. Please join us in our efforts to make a better world. 

Volunteer with us now! or email to find out more.

To download our study on Creating Sustainable Impact Through Short Term Volunteering in Asia, please click here.

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