16 November, 2016
SIF Research Paper on Global Partners for Sustainable Development
This report is our third study in a series of papers on the contributions of international volunteers in Asia.
25 September, 2016
Art of Sustainability: Pulse of a City
The Art of Sustainability: Pulse of a City book features reflections by eight Singaporean and Chinese artists and exhibition co-curators Allan Lim and Fu Jun on sustainable urban living. 
26 August, 2016
SIF’s 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book - “Building A Better World”
“Building A Better World” was published to commemorate SIF’s 25th anniversary. 
18 January, 2016
Singapore Magazine 2016 ISSUE 2016 • JAN-MAR
The SINGAPORE Magazine is our quarterly publication sharing stories on the heart and soul of Singapore with the international community.
30 March, 2015
Singapore: Insights from the Inside – Vol. II
SIF partners 50 individuals from around the world who have lived, visited, studied or worked in Singapore to share their stories about Singapore.
9 December, 2014
DiverseCity 2014 Publication
DiverseCity 2014 is a celebration of the role of Singaporean artists as citizen ambassadors in connecting, promoting understanding and building relationships across countries, as well as the...
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