9 December, 2014
DiverseCity 2014 Publication
DiverseCity 2014 is a celebration of the role of Singaporean artists as citizen ambassadors in connecting, promoting understanding and building relationships across countries, as well as the...
1 December, 2012
Singapore: Insights from the Inside – Vol. I
The SIF invited 31 members of the international community to share their stories and perspective on Singapore.
16 November, 2012
DiverseCity 2012 Publication
Featuring over 92 Singaporean artists and the 108 works they’ve presented in 91 cities, the showcase was a true celebration of not only the repertoire and global reach of Singapore art and...
22 October, 2012
Singapore International Volunteers Handbook, 1st Edition 2012
This handbook will guide volunteers on SIF volunteer policies, practices and support systems.
1 December, 2011
DiverseCity 2011 Publication
DiverseCity: Connecting Communities through Art
30 September, 2011
20th Anniversary Commemorative Book FY10/11
A collection of ideas and stories in celebration of the Singapore International Foundation’s 20th Anniversary.
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