Making Friends for a Better World

Through shared ideas, skills and experiences, we uplift lives and create greater understanding between Singaporeans and world communities.

We begin with the mission in mind

We harness the power of friendship, fostered between Singaporeans and world communities through our programmes, to open a world of possibilities to enrich lives and effect positive change.

We are committed to building effective and meaningful partnerships

We actively seek to partner individuals and institutions with similar interests -leveraging each other’s strengths and learning from one another - to enhance the effectiveness of our programmes and advance common goals. We are results-oriented and responsibly deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders.

We treat others and ourselves with respect

We treat all people with dignity, honesty, and fairness at all times.  We show respect by listening to and seeking to understand different points of views, being sensitive to cultural and religious diversity, and working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and a harmonious work culture.

We care for our people and are committed to helping them realise their potential

People are at the centre of what we do and we recognise that we succeed through our people. We are committed to providing our employees with a value proposition that brings out and motivates the best in them. We promote the growth and optimisation of our talents through continuous learning and professional development.

We are responsible stewards of the resources and goodwill entrusted to us

Each of us will act responsibly and with integrity, as we optimise the use of resources, constantly seeking opportunities and innovative ways to create value in the work that we do to further our mission.


Giving our best in all that we do, being dynamic and innovative in creating value to further our mission and delivering on our promises.

  • Giving the best of my time and talent, being responsible and acting with integrity to deliver on our mission
  • Constantly seeking out new opportunities, committed to continuous improvement and innovation, and willing to make changes for progress
  • Resilient and resourceful in the face of challenges, and adaptable to dynamic operating environments


Valuing relationships and harnessing the power of partnerships because we firmly believe we can achieve more together.

  • Actively seeking partners and valuing teamwork to further our mission
  • Recognising and respecting diversity, and exercising sensitivity in managing differences for effective partnerships and harmonious working relationships
  • Identifying commonalities in differences and leveraging on strengths to advance common goals


Being people-centred because our success is achieved through, for and by people.

  • Valuing our people and enabling and developing one another to be the best that we can be
  • Understanding needs and treating with respect the communities we connect and work with towards a better world
  • Nurturing enduring relationships with our partners and alumni and celebrating their contributions