Long Service Award – 5 Years

Allan Tee
A veteran Direct Service Team Leader volunteer with the SIF, Singapore International Volunteer (SIV) Allan Tee has been involved in all of SIF's Water for Life projects – in Lamongan (Indonesia), Yangon (Myanmar), as well as Siem Reap and Kampong Speu (Cambodia) over the past five years. Allan, a former regional director in a multinational company, is also a mentor on the SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) programme where he shares his business know-how and experience with passionate changemakers from around the globe. Through volunteering, he hopes to help the less privileged, empower the young, and inspire others to do the same.
Betsy Ng
Since her first volunteer trip with the SIF’s Words on Wheels project in Bandung (Indonesia) in 2012, SIV Betsy Ng has gone on to participate in and lead almost 10 volunteer trips, including Water for Life. A dedicated and dependable Direct Service Team Leader, her passion shines through in her warm interactions with both the other volunteers and the communities she has journeyed with.
Brian Lim
Everyone who has met Brian Lim recognises him not just for his leadership skills, but his unique sense of humour which never fails to spread cheer to those around him. Brian has been an active SIV since his first Water for Life project in Siem Reap in 2013. Having witnessed first-hand the improvement his teams made to communities’ health and livelihoods, he champions Water for Life and is an inspiration to both experienced and aspiring volunteers.
Muhammad Yusof Bin Mohd Ya'kob
Since his first trip in 2012, SIV Muhammad Yusof Yakob Bin Mohd Ya'kob has led trips to the SIF's Water for Life projects in Kampong Speu (Cambodia) and Lamongan (Indonesia). A special needs teacher, Yusof is an inspiring young man who is passionate about extending the hand of friendship to developing communities. He counts the enduring friendships he has formed with his Cambodian and Indonesian friends as one of the most rewarding takeaways from his volunteering stints.
Seluasundram S/O Nagalingam
A familiar face with villagers living in the rural parts of Cambodia, SIV Seluasundram S/O Nagalingam has led more than 10 Water for Life trips over the five years he has volunteered with the SIF. Seluasundram is especially dedicated to improving the quality of life for children through the provision of sustainable access to clean water. He has been to the same village so much that he has seen the children he has helped grow up and lead healthier lives!