Past Project: August 2021 – October 2021

Wisdom Wellbeing
The Wisdom Wellbeing Project hopes to provide people with accessible tools and perspectives from thought-leaders, experts and educators to cultivate, nurture and sustain positive mental health. The project creates and curates meaningful resources to help cope with mental wellbeing challenges, especially in the COVID-19 era, through dialogue and participation. These resources included virtual and interactive workshops, online conversations, a social media campaign and 10 care packages or toolkits curated on different themes, co-curated with mental health experts, counsellors, art therapists, artists, thinkers, educators and storytellers.

Led by SIF Arts for Good Fellow Deepak Ramola and his team from Project Fuel in India, four art therapists from Singapore facilitated workshops on Reconnecting with Self and Refueling Creativity, and curated care packages on themes such as creativity, self-love and care for caregivers. These digital toolkits were illustrated by Singaporean artist Loh Chi En Deborah.

Download the digital care packages here.