• CausewayEXchange
    CausewayEXchange (CEX)
    Increasingly, the arts are being used as a powerful tool to help patients heal. The transformative power of the arts underpinned CEX 2018 and its Arts and Healing programme held in Singapore. CEX is an annual festival in Kuala Lumpur which provides opportunities for artistic and cultural exchange between Singapore and Malaysia.

    The Arts and Healing programme promoted awareness of social issues, shared best practices and enabled action for healing through the arts. One of its panel discussions, or instance, focused on the benefit of using art therapies for emotional and psychological healing. The weekend of activities also included therapy workshops, bedside art activities in hospitals, stand-up comedy and a sensory-friendly theatre performance.

  • Arts and Disability Forum
    Arts and Disability Forum
    This event brought together more than 200 participants from over 14 countries, involving participants from the private and public sectors. Dr Alice Fox (Artistic Director of the Rocket Artists group, United Kingdom), Myra Tam (Executive Director at Arts with the Disabled Association, Hong Kong) and Ramesh Meyyappan (Theatre Creator, Singapore/UK) delivered the keynote addresses and engaged in dialogues with the participants.

    The forum also comprised workshops on capacity-building for inclusive artmaking and programming. The programme culminated with Focus Group Discussions where participants shared their knowledge of the arts and disability landscape.

    The event was held at the Enabling Village, an inclusive community space in Singapore. It houses several social businesses and community services, focusing on training and employment of persons with disabilities.

  • The Kupang Project (2017)
    The Kupang Project (2017)
    This music album initiative was born out of the Creative Education Programme that the SIF undertook with Roslin Orphanage in 2016. The collaboration incorporated arts-based activities and skills into  the orphanage’s educational programme.

    Using their new-found skills, residents of the orphanage lent their voices to this album, titled Songs from the Heart of Kupang. The album also featured Indonesian jazz musician Nita Aartsen, Singaporean composer Clement Chow, as well as artists from France, Italy, and The Netherlands.

    The album launch in Jakarta drew audiences from Singapore, Germany, and Belgium. It was a celebration of friendships between Singaporeans and Indonesians who worked together to uplift the residents of Roslin Orphanage. All proceeds from the sales of the album went towards the betterment of Roslin Orphanage.