Cricket One

Cricket One (Vietnam)

Nam Dang; Bicky Nguyen

Cricket One aims to ensure global food security. By rearing crickets and producing sustainable and affordable food from them, Cricket One offers an alternative and sustainable form of food compared to traditional livestock.

Junior Art Lab

Junior Art Lab (Singapore)

Aminur Rasyid Bin Mohamed Anwar

Junior Art Lab aims to empower learners and nurture creative confidence in students by creating unique learning experiences in art, design and technology.

Khemdro Dairy

Khemdro Dairy (Bhutan)

Sherab Dorji

Khemdro Dairy is a registered group of 41 smallholder dairy farmers in Central Bhutan, which ensures guaranteed fair returns on their dairy products by eliminating middleman inefficiency.

Kon Chhlat

Kon Chhlat (Cambodia)

Kieng Lyheang; Chea Sreysrors; Mang Keomonita

Kon Chhlat seeks to provide better nutrition for children in rural Cambodia, by selling them a nutritious, convenient and affordable instant porridge.


Musimpanen (Indonesia)

Erdi Pratama; Ardiansyah; Qonitah Basalamah

Musimpanen Indonesia collects neglected agricultural produce and transforms them into everyday products, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. So far, they have two projects where they convert corn and citronella into snacks and toiletries respectively.

The Kisan Union

The Kisan Union (India, Singapore)

Ho Jing En; Kannan Venkataramanujam; Nikhil Mukkawar

People living in rural India have travel miles to access eGovernment services and basic healthcare. To bridge that gap, The Kisan Union’s Kisan kiosks, located across rural areas in India, provides access to government policies, information and health services.

Treedots Enterprise

Treedots Enterprise (Singapore)

Lau Jia Cai; Jong Kai Jie Tylor; Nicholas Lim Jia Xuan

Treedots Enterprise sells left-out but still-edible food products from wholesalers to food and beverage companies at a discounted price. Treedots aims to reduce food wastage globally and discourage the disposal of perfectly edible food