Hardy Zhou, Verena Yu, Jenny Zhao

CYOT is a platform that connects mentors with first generation college students. In a world where opportunities are not equally distributed, CYOT aims to open-up doors for youth who do not have access to relevant networks, empowering them to drive social mobility in China. They build mentor-mentee relationships, run training programmes and organise career events to help these youth succeed, providing them with opportunities for social and professional development.
Being Art Space
Jiaming Su, Ji Zhang, Ying Song

Being Art Space is a film and television production company that specialises in serving public welfare organisations and focusing on enhancing public welfare influence. Their productions have won many domestic and international awards. The production of this company has won many domestic and international awards.
Voice Changer
Abby Yan, Fan Chen

Voice Changer seeks to help Mandarin speakers improve their communication abilities. In China, there are about 33.5 million people who have trouble using their voices or have challenges with receptive and expressive language. Yet, Speech Therapists are not a recognised profession nationally. Voice Changer trains volunteers to conduct evaluation and provide evidence-based treatment, addressing mild disorders in articulation, fluency and resonance. In the past three years, hundreds of Voice Changers have helped more than 600 people around China.
Green Light-Year
Green Light-Year
Yi Zhang

Green Light Year (GLY) was founded and registered with the Shanghai Minhang District Civil Affairs Department as an NGO in March 2016. Their mission is to grow the public education landscape on environmental issues and promote a low-carbon lifestyle through their programmes, curriculum, and partnerships with communities, schools and businesses. GLY hopes to become China's leading organisation and international exchange platform in education for sustainable development.
UDS Art Office
Shiqun Hu, Tianci Cao

UDS Art Office is headquartered in Changsha, leading a team of hearing-impaired persons to actively start a business. Their mediums include painting, 3D stereo art, and wall painting, focusing on the principle of “Drawing with Heart, Speaking through Painting.” Their brand has an established presence in Hunan and successfully entered the Shanghai market in 2019 and aim to further expand their presence in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.