Bambusa Gallery (Indonesia, Singapore)

Agustiadi; Tan Sheng Ming, Joel; Ng Yee Siang, Terence; Harry Akbar Sutiono

Bambusa Gallery is a platform that helps improve the livelihoods of talented and low-income artists, by making art affordable and accessible to everyone

RES Agriculture (RESA) (Indonesia, Singapore)

Quek Siu Rui; Stanley Gunawan; Edison

RES Agriculture uses waste from coffee grounds to cultivate mushrooms. They provide employment opportunities to an elderly supervisor and ex-offenders through their operations.

Soule (Singapore)

Lee Fude, Justine; Tay Yong Cheng, John; Lim Jing Ying

Soule works with a local shoe boutique, Sole Makers, on a “buy one, give one” model. For every pair of shoes purchased, one pair will be donated to the poor.