Ecodoe (Indonesia)

Larasati Widayaputri; Tatang Gunawan

Ecodoe seeks to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed and for craftsmen in Garut, Indonesia. They do so through the production of high-quality handmade tapestry products, which are made from sheep fur, and the aromatherapy grass Akarwangi.

Even Cargo (We Cabs) (India)

Yogesh Kumar

We Cabs wants to provide safe transport solutions for women in India. They also provide employment for women from marginalised sections of society, by employing them as drivers for the company.

Gap Year Guide (Singapore)

Kelyn Tan Po Yin

Gap Year Guide aims to offer advice, motivation and useful tools to tertiary students intending to take a year off before pursuing a university education. Through its online portal, it aims to guide youth on how to manage and make full use of their time, energy and money, and to discover their passions.

Osiris (Indonesia)

Aldo Egi Ibrahim; Sheila Reswari; Ali Bahtiar Sirrt

Osiris seeks to empower a community of people with disabilities and dragon fruit farmers from rural areas in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They do so by producing fresh and healthy dragon fruit ice cream and dragon fruit tea, in line with the rising trend of healthy living.

STARTIC (Indonesia)

Vania Santoso

STARTIC wants to help marginalised individuals generate income through the production of exclusive recycled products for the fashion industry. They do so by providing free training on waste management, marketing, and product innovation for these individuals.

WateROAM (Indonesia, Singapore)

David Pong Sheung Yan; Lim Chong Tee; Vincent Loka

WateROAM aims to bring simple, portable and durable water filtration solutions to disaster-stricken sites in developing countries.