Mitti Café
Alina Alam, Jayteerth Katti

MITTI Café provides employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Their cafés designed as a platform for differently-abled communities to showcase their potential and create awareness on the issue of equal employment. Their employees are agents of change and serve by example, promoting independence and wellness for people with disabilities through MITTI Café’s livelihood development initiative.
Prathamesh Kapote, Bharat Vanjarani

Canvas aims to empower rural and underprivileged urban youths to make informed career decisions and create a better future for themselves. They do so by helping students financially, familiarising them with the best institutes across India and providing them with exposure to new career avenues and market trends.
Aditi Dubey Lee

Ruas is a for-profit social enterprise that aims to transform the lives of traditional women artisans through the transformational power of co-design, sustainable livelihoods, and preservation of historic craft forms, allowing them to create new products and access wider markets. Ruas currently works with four communities of traditional women artisans from Kutch, India that practice the historic embroidery forms: Suf, Ahir, Jat and Rabari. Their niche lies in their ability of being able to create functional and stunning products for Photography, Music, Art, Beauty, Interior/ Home Décor as well as writing enthusiasts.
Sana Sawhney, Chethan Gowda

Badhlaav is a web that which enables individual volunteers to connect and engage with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Social Enterprises (SEs) to work together in order to foster wider social change and development. It aims to offer a wide array of services including legal registration, web development and related web management services as required by their customers (NGOs and SEs) to enable them to maximise their social impact.
EasyKrishi Pvt Ltd
Prabhav Garudadhwajan, Chaitra Rao

EasyKrishi is an agri-tech company working towards bridging the agri-info gap within rural India. It provides a mobile based technology-oriented platform to aggregate demand and supply, as well as entrepreneurial interventions to aid small and marginalised farmers.