WISE-Wash in Southeast Asia
Intan Adiputri, Dimas Sandya, Yoke Pean Thye

Driven by a passionate team of Southeast Asians with strong technical expertise and soft skills as well as experience and networks throughout the region, WISE's mission is to enable communities to acquire the capacity to improve their water, sanitation and hygiene practices.
Indra Christiano Sukandar, Asri Wijayanti, Pamela Pramartha

Jahitin is an on-demand service that enables tailors to be freelancers who manage what projects they accept or decline, enabling them to manage their own schedules and work from home—particularly important for working mothers, who can then pursue their careers as tailors while raising their family. With Jahitin.com tailors are able save costs on opening a boutique, allowing them to work independently without a physical shop space.
Ketemu Project
Agung Dewi

Ketemu Project was founded with the goal of developing community projects to address social issues and harness creativity for social empowerment. The Ketemu Project Space was established at the in 2015 as a platform for arts projects and residency programs in Bali, conducting several workshops and dialogues since opening.
Efod Phalen, Febri Sigiro

Aglonera is a business to business e-commerce platform that aims to empower farmers in the production of quality goods. They act as an intermediary to simplify and connect both farmers and businesses, with the aim of helping Indonesian farmers become commercial farmers.
Ailesh Power
Fahrizal Ridho, Fano Alfian Ardyansyah

Ailesh Power is fast-growing start-up in the renewable energy and industrial waste industry. They focus on the emerging energy of tomorrow through the development of a sustainable energy and environment. Their engineers, project planners, and researchers work closely together to provide a futuristic solution of making clean energy from industrial waste.