Project name: Water for Life (Lamongan), Indonesia

Host partner: Government of Lamongan Regency, Agency of Public Works, Lamongan

Singapore partner: Metro Private Limited

Duration: 2013 - 2017

Outcomes: This project provided 53,000 school-going children and adults access to clean water through. To do so, 249 Singapore International Volunteers installed 150 membrane filters and water tanks in 144 schools and six villages. They also conducted hygiene education classes for students in three schools and distributed close to 16,000 hygiene kits. As part of this project, staff from the public works department attended four specialist training workshops in water management, treatment processes and water conservation. The results of these efforts were positive, with 72 per cent of the commune leaders, principals and teachers indicating that their health had improved slightly to a lot, and 56 per cent reporting reductions in ailments such as diarrhoea. Additionally, 67 per cent of the commune leaders and 64 per cent of the principals and teachers indicated that the water filters had resulted in cost savings.