Project name: Integrated Education Phase Two in Bandung, Indonesia

Host partners: Bandung Department of Education and Senior State High School 11 (SMAN 11) (Indonesia)

Singapore partner: Individual volunteers from Singapore’s education sector

Project aim: To enhance the professional expertise of teachers in Bandung.

Duration: 2015 - 2017

Outcomes: This project featured six specialist training workshops for local high school teachers that enhanced their abilities to explore different strategies for lesson planning and design. Our specialist volunteers trained a total of 138 participants. Those surveyed said they were able to apply creative approaches in their classes, better manage class dynamics, and research and design suitable teaching methods. As a result, their students were more appreciative, responsive, and motivated, with a higher level of confidence and improved attitude towards learning. 21 of these participants became Master Trainers and went on to train more educators. One teacher became a National Instructor and travelled to other provinces to share newfound knowledge and skills.