Engaging the World
Professor Kishore Mahbubani on leveraging friendships to promote international cooperation.
The Thought Provocateur
Nominated Member of Parliament Kuik Shiao-Yin helps people with different perspectives find common ground.
Portraits in Diversity
Photographer Tom Soper on documenting Singapore's cultural diversity through photographs.
The Art of Inclusion
The Arts & Disability Forum 2017 leverages arts and culture to build a more inclusive society.
Cultured Cities
Singapore International Foundation helps multi-sectorial stakeholders explore how culture can play a part in sustainable development.
Talking Books
Human Library Singapore creates a platform for people to connect through the sharing of personal stories.
Welcome to My Backyard
Community Group Geylang Adventures helps build bridges between Singaporeans and migrant communities.
Seeds of Friendship
Singaporean entrepreneur Alvin Yong fosters better understanding between urbanites and rural communities through rice farming.

Shooting for A Change
Photographer Caroline Pang partners Asia's remote communities to support conservation.

Catalysing Social Change
The Young Social Entrepreneurs programme helps to facilitate positive collaborations among social enterprises around the world.

From Corn to Bioplastic
Singapore company Olive Green provides eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based plastic products.

Let Solar Shine
Home-grown solar company Sunseap Group generates clean energy for communities across Asia.

The Eyes Have It
Non-governmental organisation Sight to Sky shares healthcare knowledge with people living in high-altitude communities in the Himalayas.

Big Smiles All Around
Architecture lecturer Tan Beng Kiang and her students help design and build sustainable facilities for the needy in Cambodia's Smile Village.

Opposites Attract
Indonesian non-profit organisation SabangMerauke promotes cultural and religious understanding through a student exchange programme.

A Dose of Laughter
Non-profit organisation Clown Doctors Singapore uses humour to uplift the spirits of children and seniors in healthcare institutions.

Savouring Every Bite
Non-profit organisation Slow Food (Singapore) celebrates the country's rich culinary culture and heritage.

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