A Global Perspective
Public intellectual Simon Tay talks about Singapore's place in ASEAN and regional environmental efforts.
The Push for Green Buildings
Stakeholders from across the globe gather at Singapore's International Green Building Conference to share insights and best practices.
Designing Connections
Singaplural 2017's collaborative projects enhance diplomatic ties between Singapore and Japan.
A Stage for Singapore
Former Ambassador Michael Tay discusses the value and long-term impact of soft diplomacy.
An Oasis of Calm
International peace negotiator Michael Vatikiotis on the little things that make Singapore home.
An Unofficial Ambassador
Geopolitical analyst and global strategist Parag Khanna on what he personally admires about Singapore.
Shooting for Change
Award-winning photographer Michael Aw is working with friends around the globe to save the world.
Curating Shared Experiences
Singapore Art Week highlights cross-border connections and sparks public thought and discussion.
A Pitch for Sustainability
The SIF's 2017 YSE programme has catapulted great new ideas into the world.

Handcrafted with Heart
A local fair trade jewellery retailer is helping to bring about positive change in underprivileged communities.

Championing Inclusivity
This specially designed community space in Singapore is easily navigable by all members of the disability community.

Feathered Benefits
Two young Singaporean social entrepreneurs are making chicken accessible to the masses in Cambodia and Rwanda.

Life-Saving Partnership
Teams from Singapore and India make a joint effort to improve maternal and child health in Karnataka.

Joining Friendly Hands
The SIF's Direct Service Projects have helped make clean water and lifelong education a reality in several rural communities overseas.

Guiding Light for Community Care
Veteran social worker Zahara Mahmood has a heart for the aged sick who want to live out their final days at home.

A Garden Dispensary
Self-taught herbalist helps people who cannot afford or do not respond well to modern medicines.

Positively Inked
Tattoo artist gives alopecia patients free eyebrow tattoos, in a bid to boost their self-esteem.

Living Treasure
Singapore hosts small populations of indigenous species, and this little-known amphibian is one of them.

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