March 2018
Creating Social Inclusion Through the Arts

"The arts has always had the power to make the world a better place. By bringing artists from different contexts and cultures together, Singapore International Foundation is leading the way in creating an ecosystem for collaboration, mutual learning, mutual understanding, and impactful artmaking", Michael Cheng, Singaporean applied drama practitioner, said.

Read on as our Artists for a Better World programme participants from 13 nationalities gathered to discuss how the arts can create a positive social impact.


Cultural Exchange
Arts & Disability International Conference 2018

How can the arts and culture be used to effect positive change for greater inclusion in society?

Join us at this conference where participants will exchange insights on how we can use the arts to foster an inclusive society: one that is multi-cultural, multiracial and multi-abled.

Vounteer Cooperation
Joining Hands for Safer Pregnancies, Healthier Babies
The three-year collaboration between Singapore and India to enhance maternal and child health services comes to a close, after training over 1,000 healthcare professionals to ensure safer pregnancies for women in Tamil Nadu.

Good Business
Block-Change: Blockchain for Social Change
It may have been invented to facilitate cryptocurrency purposes, but what has Blockchain got to do with social change? Join our Young Social Entreprenuers' "fireside chat" on 22 March 2018 to find out how we can use this digital ledger to maximise social change.

Our Better World
Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse
One child is sexually abused in India every 15 minutes according to the National Crime Records Bureau. As such, Cactus Foundation wants to nudge the country to break its silence on the issue and give children a healthy and safe childhood. Lend your voice and help raise awareness today.

Their Music Turns Strangers into Friends
Harnessing the universal power of music, the Volunteer Guitar Connection (VGC) is strumming away the blues, one song at a time. Volunteer with VGC as they look to stage musical performances at various charitable organisations around Singapore.

Connecting and Collaborating to Change the World: Diplomacy in the Palms of Citizens
The SIF's Executive Director Jean Tan believes that ordinary citizens and other non-state actors have a bigger role to play when it comes to diplomacy.

The Art of Healing
Read about the Miracle Kutchie Experience, a programme led by a team of Singapore-based creatives, that taps on the power of art therapy to help Japanese children overcome their trauma from the 2011 Fukushima tsunami and earthquake.

Volunteer Opportunities
Water for Life
(Siem Reap)

Words on Wheels

Words on Wheels
(Ho Chi Minh)
Upcoming Events
24 - 25 Mar 2018
Singapore's Very Special Theatrics and Australia's No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability will collaborate to perform "My Home is not a Shell: A Work in Progress".

No Strings Attached will also perform the world premier of their experimental theatre piece "I Forgot to Remember to Forget".
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