July 2019
Singaporeans celebrate 25 Years of Friendship with Vietnam at SIF Connects! Hanoi

SIF and the Vietnam-Singapore Friendship Association reaffirmed their commitment to further cross-border collaboration in the areas of healthcare, education, arts and culture, and social entrepreneurship.

Syncing Efforts Across Borders to Empower Disabled Artists

For the first time in Singapore, an international collaborative leadership and coaching programme for the disabled, to explore new ways to fulfil their passion in the arts.

Make Art from the Heart

Join our Arts for Good Fellowship and tap on an international community of knowledge in a growing eco-system of arts with social impact.

Our Better World
The Circus of Life

Under the bright lights of a circus tent in Cambodia, a troupe of young performers captivate audiences with their high-energy acts. But it is their stories of how they came to Phare Circus as underprivileged people that are far more moving than any art piece.

On Off-Beaten Paths, Tourists Go the Extra Mile

They say travel enriches your life, but it can also enrich the world around you. In Northern Thailand, tourists play a key part in preserving local traditions and help to fuel sustainable livelihoods.

Singapore Magazine
Breaking Bread

Food does more than feed stomachs—it can also bridge cultural divides and strengthen friendships between people from all walks of life. CEO of homegrown fast-food chain 4FINGERS Dave Acton shares his thoughts on the power of food diplomacy and Singapore’s culinary scene.

Singapore Magazine
Analyse data to improve the efficiency of social enterprises
By Lianhe Zaobao

How does data factor into the desire to do good? The SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs Opening Workshop Public Panel, “Big Data, Big Impact” shed light on the importance of data analysis for social enterprises to effectively benefit more people in need.

Volunteer Opportunities
Specialist In-field Volunteers
• Vientiane, Laos

Water for Life
• Siem Reap, Cambodia

Words on Wheels
• Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
• Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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