August 2019
Another Milestone Achieved in a Milestone Year - The Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) Programme Debuts in China to Mark its 10th Year

Over 50 young changemakers from China and seven other countries bond over the business of doing good at our YSE Overseas Workshop and Study Visit in Shanghai, China.

Rekindling Old Ties and Making New Ones

On International Day of Friendship, we celebrate our Citizen Ambassadors who volunteer their time and talent to help uplift lives while making friends for a better world.

They share their stories over good food and an inspiring movie about an unlikely friendship that brings people together.

The Empowering Musician

He has performed in some of the grandest concert halls around the world, but T'ang Quartet cellist Leslie Tan is equally comfortable playing in venues off the beaten track.

Watch as he joins us for the Music Project in Cisarua, Indonesia to empower Afghan refugees to share their stories through music.

Our Better World
From Pest to Protector

African non-profit organisation APOPO trains rats to detect mines and explosives in Cambodia, saving lives and making areas safe again for civilians.

A Labour of Love for our Silent Workforce

We celebrate those who strive to improve the lives of the low-wage migrant workers who help build our city.

Singapore Magazine
A Good Holiday

What does it mean to travel well? For many, it is not about dining at the best restaurants but making a positive impact on the communities they visit.

Read about the Singapore social enterprises facilitating such meaningful experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities
Words on Wheels
• Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
• Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Water for Life
• Siem Reap, Cambodia

Specialist In-field Volunteers
• Vientiane, Laos
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