YSE 2019

Big Data - Big Impact


The YSE 2019 Workshop brings international young changemakers and the greater ecosystem together to discuss how the power of data can be harnessed to benefit society. Join us to explore the best practices, obstacles and opportunities in applying data science to solve social and environmental issues!


What are some of the more direct ways data science can be applied to create social and environment impact? The importance of data has been well explored and greatly understood in the technology, government and startup space, and this panel hopes to bring the value of this conversation to a wider audience.

We put representatives from the various sectors together to discuss how data can be harnessed meaningfully to solve social issues. Join us to explore what are some of the current best practices, concerns, obstacles and opportunities that we can work together to overcome!

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Time:16:00 - 18:00
Date:22 Mar 2019
2 Orchard Link
Singapore, 237978
Map:click here


20 March 2019
Finding Refuge and Friendships through Music in Cisarua, Indonesia

As part of its ongoing efforts to champion Arts for Good, the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) presented the Music Project, a series of workshops for Afghan refugees facilitated by musicians from Singapore and Indonesia.

18 March 2019
The Arts for Good Fellowship Wraps Up in Chennai with Fellows Striving to Empower Youth Through the Arts

The second edition of SIF’s Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship saw Fellows from 10 countries reconvene to share best practices, exchange insights and collaborate on several arts-based projects.

19 February 2019
The Ten-Year Singapore-Indonesia Collaboration in Palliative Care Further Expands to West Java

The new collaboration will see the re-engagement of five master trainers from earlier projects in Jakarta contributing as mentors in Bandung – a testimony to its sustainability.

19 March 2019
Occupational Therapy for Children with Special Needs in Jakarta

Riding on the success of an earlier special education (SPED) project in Medan, Indonesia, the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) launched a four-year SPED training project in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 25 February 2019. The project,...

3 December 2018

Journey with our favourite local personalities as they team up with our Singapore International Volunteers to do good overseas!

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