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31 March 2014
Fast Track to Good Business
The fifth Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) programme kicked off with a three-day workshop, shortlisting 12 teams who will now be part of the full YSE 2014 programme.
19 February 2014
Friends for Good!
Three friends took the plunge and volunteered in a Szechuan earthquake disaster relief trip.
21 January 2014
A Gift of Speech
We speak to Michelle Tham, 34, Volunteer Team Lead and Speech Therapist on how training speech therapists in Cambodia fuels her volunteering spirit.
16 January 2014
Crossing Borders with Art
The launch of Angles of Incidence: An SIF-BC collaboration featuring Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan and British artist Philippa Lawrence.
30 December 2013
Friendship across Borders
Singapore International Volunteer (SIV) Pang Nguk Lan’s most rewarding volunteerism experience is an unexpected long distance friendship which transcended cultural barriers.
19 December 2013
Staying Connected
At SIF Connects! Singapore, programme alumni reunite with ‘old’ friends and discover fresh insights about Singapore.
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