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21 August 2013
Just Like Family
She was there to share copywriting skills with the Agape School of the Deaf in Timor Leste but SIV Student Fellow Fu Kai Li had the privilege of getting up close with Prime Minister Xanana...
13 August 2013
Two Cooks and a Pan
Two buddies face off in a cooking competition, vying for patrons’ donations to their adopted charities.
13 August 2013
Racing for a Cause
This year’s Singapore Challenge incorporated racing for a good cause, making the annual full-day event even more meaningful for its near 1,000 student participants.
29 July 2013
Good Business Cents
To achieve a higher purpose, business leaders need to be conscious capitalists, in a paradigm shift from profit-maximisation to purpose-maximisation.
26 July 2013
A Vision for Better Healthcare in Sri Lanka
16 specialist volunteers from the National University of Singapore (NUS), the National University Hospital (NUH) and SingHealth have committed themselves to a three-year healthcare training...
11 July 2013
Connecting Singapore to Asia and the World
The International Involvement Hub (I²Hub), a workspace shared between four outward-facing non-profit organisations, was officially launched on 27 June 2013.
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