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22 July 2012
In Support of the Arts
For the first time, Singapore International Foundation has been granted the Patron of the Arts Award by National Arts Council for our contributions to the Singapore arts sector in 2011.
16 July 2012
More than Just a Race
Youths from diverse backgrounds who took to the streets during Singapore Challenge 2012 were aiming to win more friends than medals.
15 July 2012
A Life-changing Journey of Discovery and Friendship
The inaugural Friendship Express brought together 50 Asian youths on an expedition spanning Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, in a spirit of camaraderie, cultural appreciation and collaboration on...
14 June 2012
Keeping the Fires Burning
Social worker Julie Jeyapaul talks about how she got a morale boost when she met a group of volunteers from Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
11 May 2012
What is Singapore?
Singapore Insights from the Inside is a compilation of reflective pieces, short stories and personal anecdotes by members of the international community who have lived, and are living, in...
4 May 2012
Volunteers Acting Up
Becoming part of a play and shaping the storyline, helps participants get a different view of volunteering.
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