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13 September 2012
The Power of Culture
Mr Jim Leach, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities in the US, spoke about Singapore’s importance in the dialogue between east and west and how culture is vital to policy...
27 August 2012
Here’s to Clean Water!
For village head Um Cheung and his fellow villagers living in the Kampong Speu province of Cambodia, the simple act of procuring a glass of water has always been a back-breaking chore.
27 August 2012
Inside His World
Singapore International Foundation volunteer Neu Wee Teck was so inspired by his experience in Laos that he didn’t just talk about it – he wrote a book!
6 August 2012
The Battle of Ideas for Good
Now in its third year, our Young Social Entrepreneurs 2012 programme saw four teams instead of three winning seed funding for their social enterprise projects.
25 July 2012
The Gift of a Healthy Heart
Born with a serious heart defect, little Pham Hiem Suong was given a new lease of life, thanks to a project collaboration between Singaporean and Vietnamese doctors.
22 July 2012
In Support of the Arts
For the first time, Singapore International Foundation has been granted the Patron of the Arts Award by National Arts Council for our contributions to the Singapore arts sector in 2011.
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