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20 November 2012
The Magic of Collaboration
SIF celebrates the culmination of its programmes for bridging communities through art with DiverseCity 2012.
19 November 2012
Stories that Travel beyond Our Shores
After taking part in our Words on Wheels project in Bandung, Indonesia, SIF volunteer Zulkifli Bin Amin hopes the stories he tells to the children will travel around the country.
29 October 2012
Catalysts for Change
We host thought leaders and cause champions from around the world to share and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals in Singapore. Our most recent visitors were Ashoka Fellows and leading...
22 October 2012
DiverseCity is Back
DiverseCity 2012, SIF’s annual arts showcase, promises to be bigger and better than ever.
21 September 2012
Inaugural Outstanding SIV Awards 2012
Three Singapore International Volunteers were honoured at the annual Singapore International Volunteers Appreciation Evening 2012.
13 September 2012
The Power of Culture
Mr Jim Leach, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities in the US, spoke about Singapore’s importance in the dialogue between east and west and how culture is vital to policy...
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