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4 May 2012
Volunteers Acting Up
Becoming part of a play and shaping the storyline, helps participants get a different view of volunteering.
3 May 2012
Dishing up Culture and Art
From basketball moves to traditional dress-making and cooking, our international friends and youths from an arts academy take a peek into each others’ lives.
20 April 2012
‘We’ve Got to Keep Ourselves Crazy’
How a Cambodian was inspired into positive action after attending an SIF-Asean Students Fellowship in 2002.
19 April 2012
The Power of Two-in-One
Justine Lee, co-founder of social enterprise Soule Apparels, shares his childhood inspiration for its “buy one, give one” idea.
18 April 2012
Different Strokes, Common Canvas
Though we represent different cultures, creeds and convictions, we share something in common: we want to make the world better.
17 April 2012
Teaming up for Art
Singapore and UK artists enjoy their exchange programme so much they continue their collaboration after it ends.
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