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18 April 2012
Different Strokes, Common Canvas
Though we represent different cultures, creeds and convictions, we share something in common: we want to make the world better.
17 April 2012
Teaming up for Art
Singapore and UK artists enjoy their exchange programme so much they continue their collaboration after it ends.
16 April 2012
Investing Her Sweat Equity
Following a week-long volunteering stint, banker Raya Papp takes six months off to work full time with our partner NGO in Cambodia.
16 April 2012
In the Name of His Son
Thorkil Sonne decides the best way to help his autistic son Lars, is to change the way the world thinks about the condition.
16 April 2012
Making Fond Memories
Remembering well her afternoons at a mobile library, Gladys Ng jumps at the chance to help children in Vietnam make similar memories.
16 April 2012
Walking the Talk
To reduce discrimination against people living with HIV/Aids, Vietnamese social worker Vũ Thị Ngọc Hoàn decides to stay with them herself.
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