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12 April 2012
Aunty Power
Being called an “aunty” pushes Elsie Tan to finally act on her long-held desire to volunteer overseas.
12 April 2012
Finding Herself in Laos
What starts as an escape for media professional Natalie Goh turns out to be a significant journey.
12 April 2012
Water, Water, Everywhere
Spaniard Victor Ferre Pellicer rallies fellow business school students to build water filters in rural Siem Reap villages after learning about Singapore’s water management strategies.
12 April 2012
Good Medicine
More Cambodian babies will live to see their first birthdays, thanks to the efforts of doctors like Ng Kee Chong and Anette Jacobsen.
12 April 2012
Passing It on
Inspired by his learning stint in Singapore, Iwan and other SIF-Asean Fellows set up an NGO to support underprivileged Indonesian students with bursaries.
11 April 2012
Addressing Deep-rooted Needs
Deutsche Bank’s CSR chief in Asia believes in helping folks help themselves.
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