Volunteer Cooperation
Volunteer Cooperation


Education is a powerful way to effect tangible, long-term change. Our Specialist Education projects aim to enhance the quality and inclusivity of education through teacher training, curriculum development and pedagogy.

Some of the recent Specialist Education projects we have carried out include:

  • The Early Childhood Education Curriculum Enhancement and Pedagogy Project is a three-year partnership with Mumbai-based Muktangan, a programme of The Paragon Charitable Trust, to increase the quality of early childhood education in Mumbai. Through this project, educators from Singapore will work with their Indian counterparts to enhance the curriculum, pedagogical and assessment skills of ECE educators catering to children between three and eight years of age. The project is expected to benefiting up to 240 early childhood educators and 2,400 underprivileged children in Mumbai.
  • The Mathematics and Science Curriculum Enhancement Project aims to enhance the teaching standards of Mathematics and Science in Karnataka. From 2017 to 2020, a team of SIVs will work with their counterparts to raise the professional expertise of teachers, facilitate interactive and active learning classrooms, as well as promote knowledge sharing between professionals in Singapore and Karnataka’s education sector. A select group of Indian educators will also be selected to serve as master trainers, who will create a sustainable impact by imparting their knowledge to other Mathematics and Science educators. Up to 700 Indian educators as well as 5,250 school-going children are expected to benefit from the collaboration. 


Though one can acquire cerebral skills of Mathematics and Science easily, the teaching of the concepts and the methodologies is very, very important. At the primary school level, it is essential that these learnings go to the hearts of the boys and girls. The teachers’ skills, when enhanced and modernised, would benefit these children.

P.G.R. Sindhia, former Minister for Home, Transport & Finance, Government of Karnataka


During the course of my work, I am sometimes asked, 'Why not donate money instead?' My answer has always been that money will run out, but ideas are far more valuable and will last forever.

Dr Khoo Kim Choo, Early Childhood Education Specialist and Singapore International Volunteer


20 January 2020
Enhancing Capabilities of Vietnamese Special Educators to Uplift Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

SIF expands its special education initiatives in Ho Chi Minh City following a 10-year stint in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.

20 January 2020
Remembering the Past, Celebrating the Present, Embracing the Future For A Better World

More than 200 SIF Friends, Partners and Programme Alumni from Singapore and Abroad Re-Connect and Renew Friendships with a ShiOK! Nite

29 November 2019
33 SIF Arts for Good (A4G) Fellows across 12 nationalities explore how the arts can be harnessed to empower children and youth in our communities.

The third edition of SIF’s Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship kicked-off in Singapore from 19 to 22 November 2019, with 33 Fellows across 12 nationalities to explore how the arts can be harnessed to empower children and youth in our communities.

16 January 2020
Singapore – India Collaboration Benefits 100,000 Mothers and Newborns

A three-year collaborative capacity building initiative, the Enhancing Maternal and Child Health Services (EMCH) Programme successfully resulted in nearly 180 Indian healthcare professionals across the Southern Indian state of Karnataka trained. In...

31 July 2019
Citizen Ambassadors

Meet our Citizen Ambassadors who volunteer selflessly to work alongside their overseas counterparts to uplift lives.

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