Volunteer Cooperation
Volunteer Cooperation

Words on Wheels

Our signature mobile library programme promotes learning among children by improving their access to books and information, and enables specialist volunteers to share library management skills with their overseas counterparts.

The Words on Wheels (WOW) programme is a mobile library project that aims to improve access to books and IT training and inculcate reading and self-learning habits for children in rural communities across Asia. Each month, teams of Singapore volunteers organise classroom activities to coach the children in reading, learning English and picking up IT skills. Volunteers with the necessary skillset also share library management skills with their overseas counterparts, giving them new knowledge and skills to inspire learning.
WOW currently travels to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Join us as a Singapore International Volunteer to help open new windows to the world for the children. We need a minimum of four persons and a maximum of eight for each volunteer trip.
As a volunteer, you will help us foster the love of reading and learning in children. This will be done through:
  • Conducting basic English or IT workshops
  • Planning and preparation of learning materials
  • Organising classroom activities 
  • Engaging students at the mobile library 


In view of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, all volunteer trips will be postponed until further notice.

Our volunteers’ and partners’ well-being and safety are of utmost importance to us. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you updated. Please drop us a note at citizenambassador@sif.org.sg if you have any questions, or would like to register your interest for future trips.


To volunteer, you will need to reside in Singapore and be:

  • At least 18 years old 
  • Medically fit for overseas travel
  • Culturally-sensitive
  • Adaptable and willing to serve
  • Open to sharing and learning
  • A team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Able to engage classes of students aged 6 to 18

Volunteers are required to finance their own trip, which includes airfare, accommodation, travel insurance, local transport and meals.


Make a difference today - apply here or email us at citizenambassador@sif.org.sg to find out more. 



Our officers have been working closely together with the SIF on the project ... we have gained a lot of ideas to improve our library spaces and to apply Information Technology to our activities to better serve the students in Ho Chi Minh city.

Vĩnh Quốc Bảo, Vice-Director, General Sciences Library, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I had been looking to do some volunteer work, but didn't feel I could build houses and schools, or render any medical assistance. Helping children to learn through ice-breakers and show-and-tell sessions, however, was something I felt I could handle.

Gladys Ng, Singapore International Volunteer, Words on Wheels, Hanoi, Vietnam



28 November 2017
Words on Wheels (WoW) Launches in Yogyakarta to Promote Literacy and Foster Singapore-Indonesia Collaboration

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF), together with the Provincial Government Board of Library and Archives of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (BPAD DIY), will bring the signature reading programme to Yogyakarta doubling the number of...

24 June 2020
500 Appreciation Cards, 500 Care Packets, One Big-hearted Community - An Arts For Good (A4G) Initiative For Outram Community Hospital

Rallying the support of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) A4G Fellowship community, Alumni Fellow and Citizen Ambassador (CA) Sherry Soon, alongside her organisation, Be Kind SG, prepared appreciation cards and care packets for staff...

29 April 2020
Gift A Song

#GiftASong is a campaign in support of livelihoods disrupted during #COVID19 and an initiative to uplift spirits through songs in these trying times. Local musicians from Singapore have been busy recording song dedications from home for their...

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